Vianord Engineering Actively Defending its Intellectual Property Portfolio to Ensure the Broadest Protection to its Customers’ Investments

By 2 Ottobre 2017Sala Stampa
Vianord patent

As a leading developer and manufacturer of the most innovative Flexo Platemaking Solutions, Vianord Engineering has built a significant amount of intellectual property, which provides the company with a steep competitive advantage in the industry.

The last patent approved to Vianord, US9463617 B2 is granted until April 2033. The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for the photo-polymerization and the washing-out in series of digital printing plates for flexography. The invention implements in series the exposure and washing steps of the printing plate. This latest patent extends Vianord’s already robust U.S. and international patent portfolio.

Since the very beginning of its commercial activities, Vianord has been able to protect all those core technologies and key product features that differentiate its products, thus offering a real competitive advantage to its customers.

Patents on core technology and key product features create a significant barrier to competition and force competitors to design and circumnavigate around them; likely offering less functional and less desirable products.

Mr. Riccardo de Caria, Strategy Advisor at Vianord Engineering, stated “We will continue to protect and invest in our intellectual property, passing all technical advantages over to our customers.”

Vianord will continue to take all the necessary steps to protect its growing intellectual property portfolio and the rights of its customers who use the derivative solutions.

“Vianord Engineering has a responsibility to its shareholders and customers to protect the Company’s investments in innovative technologies. Vianord Engineering will continue to vigorously defend its valuable portfolio of patents and other intellectual property assets. Companies that ignore patents do so at their own peril.” Concluded Mr. de Caria.