Vianord Evo 5 Fusion E

By 30 Giugno 2017Novità
Vianord Easy to Plate FOUR EVO5

Vianord Engineering high-performance Easy to Plate® FOUR, is the first fully automated platemaking system; from plate imaging to plate delivery. Vianord developed a multidisciplinary automation system that combines all the popular elements of straightforward automation into one compact, integrated, high performance system thus further innovating and boosting the flexo plate making process.

The Smart-Bridge is a very compact dedicated robotic system that can be tailored to fit any stand-alone Imager or combined Imager coupled with a proprietary LED exposure. The new concept complements the automated EVO lines, taking even more manual steps out of the process.

Together with its partner Esko, Vianord personalised a purpose-made Smart-Bridge that intelligently connects the high-performance and fully automated platemaking system EVO 5 to the linear CDI Crystal 5080 XPS; where the plate is initially imaged and then is simultaneously exposed through the base and at the back, this configuration is named Evo 5 Fusion E.

“At Vianord, we trust in creative and innovative solutions which helps our customers grow and cope with the highly competitive flexo platemaking industry. The use of the streamlined Esko’s 5080 XPS in combination with our robust Easy to Plate® EVO line allows any customer to respond to their most challenging customers’ issues, increasing turnaround time, improving quality, and producing finest plates. This solution is fuelling the industry’s transformation by automating plate production even more.” Concluded Massimiliano Merlo, Global Marketing and Sales Director at Vianord Engineering.