9 steps are worse than 1

By 3 Ottobre 2017Sala Stampa

Vianord Engineering high-performance Easy to Plate® FOUR, the first fully automated platemaking system, has now evolved into Easy to Plate™ FUSION, pushing forward and redefining the State-of-the-Art in Solvent Flexo Platemaking

Vianord, cooperated with several partners to leverage competencies, know-how and design a unique end-to-end solution that turns nine separate steps in a single streamlined process; loading, Imaging, back exposure, main exposure, washout, drying, finishing, de-taking and stacking of the plates, all without any need of human intervention.

Vianord developed Easy to Plate™ FUSION, a multidisciplinary automated system that combines all the popular elements of straightforward automation into one compact, integrated, high performance system thus further innovating and boosting the flexo platemaking process

The Smart-Bridge is the “magic bit”, inside the Easy to Plate™ FUSION system, linking the solution to any OEM equipment or system, a very compact dedicated robotic system that is specifically designed and purposely tailored to fit and communicate with any stand-alone Digital Imager or combination of Imager and proprietary LED exposure.

The new Easy to Plate™ FUSION concept complements the automated EVO lines, taking even more manual steps out of the process.

In August 2017, the first Easy to Plate™ FUSION E – developed in partnership with Esko – was installed in Fisciano, Italy, at Inci-Flex, a technology pioneer specializes in the production of high quality Flexo plates for flexible packaging and labels.

Enzo Consalvo, Inci-Flex Managing Director, declared “We can only achieve our quality promise by staying up-to-date with the latest technology and the new Vianord Easy to Plate™ FUSION E coupled with our new Esko CDI Crystal 5080 XPS delivers exactly what we need: a complete automation of the platemaking process. Our new solution not only decreases turnaround time, it also helps us respond to our customers’ most challenging issues by producing the finest plates in the industry.”

“At Vianord, we trust in creative and innovative solutions which helps our customers grow and cope with the highly competitive flexo platemaking industry. The use of an Esko’s 5080 XPS in combination with our robust Easy to Plate® Fusion E line allows our customer to differentiate further. Our solution is fuelling the industry’s transformation by automating plate production even more.” Concluded Riccardo de Caria, Strategy Advisor at Vianord Engineering.